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Don Gotterbarn


I am overwhelmed by the beauty in the world, even in the colors and ahape of the simplest objects.  The qualities of transparent watercolor help me to capture and share this beauty that gave me such visual joy.  My paintings are very personal;  translating and interpreting what I feel about what I see.  Sometimes I paint the world with the colors I wish were there.  The new image is an expression of what moved me about the scene.  I travel internationally and have studied with artists in the USA and England.  I am a member of several watercolor societies and past President of the Watauga Valley Art League.  My paintings hang internationally;  Australia, England, New Zealand, Slovenia and the USA.





"Appalacian Joy"





"Beach House"




"Exchange Place Barn"





"Last of Autumn"





"Tennessee Morning"





"Ogathorp House"




"Rocky Mount Window"




"Parson's Table"





"School Days"






All artists featured here are members of the Watauga Valley Art League and display a sampling of their artwork for your enjoyment.  Paintings may be purchased through direct contact with the individual artist.

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